WordPress jQuery Lightbox Plugin (English)

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Latest version available here!


As the name shows, this is just WordPress’s version of the jQuery Lightbox Plugin written by balupton, working perfectly with WordPress 2.2 or up, and fully compatible with K2! ;)


Just download the plugin, unzip the files to the wp-content\plugins folder and activate the plugin in WordPress options.

Then, every time you want to use the Lightbox effect, just place a link to the image, and add the rel=”lightbox” attribute to it, in order to activate the effect when the link is clicked. You can also use rel=”lightbox-album” replacing album by a any keyword to group some pictures on an album!


Click the image bellow! :)

Nação do Cimbalino

HTML code sample:

<a href="image.png" title="Image Title" rel="lightbox"><img src="image_thumbnail.png" alt="Image Title" /></a>


Original version of jQuery Lightbox Plugin developed by Balupton.

Get Support

Please go here and create a support ticket: http://getsatisfaction.com/balupton/products/balupton_jquery_lightbox


A lot of time and effort goes into the design, development, documentation, maintenance and support of my various open source contributions!

If you find any of them useful, please consider making a donation to keep the coffee brewing.

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  2. Answers to a few things people have been looking for:
    A. How do you remove the text in the upper-right corner
    B. How do you make the bottom text always show instead of just on hover
    C. How do you remove the download link

    Step 1. (for A, B, and C). Open the jquery-lightbox.php file and at line 25 change jquery.lightbox.min.js to jquery.lightbox.js then on line 26 change jquery.lightbox.plugin.min.js to jquery.lightbox.plugin.js
    Step 2 (for A). Go to lines 634 and 635 and change the word from true to null.
    Step 3 (for B). Go to lines 636 and 637 and change ‘auto’ to true. Unlike step 2 there are single quote marks on each side of the word auto. Make sure you remove them as well or it won’t work.
    Step 4. (for C). Go to line 632 and change the word true to null.

    I want to offer my sincerest thanks to you Pedro and all who have contributed to this project. It really is the perfect enhancement to NextGen Gallery.

  3. Hey! Great plugin. Suggestions/problems and questions:

    1) Pictures in my older posts contain images in [caption] blocks, automatically created by the WordPress editor. Now I added the rel=”lightbox”:

    [caption ...... caption="caption string"][/caption]

    Is it possible to let the plugin automaticcaly extract the “caption string” either from the caption or from the img tag and put it as title of the download link or as a caption below the image?

    2) I don’t like the “Untitled” default. Perhaps one should just omit the whole title string in this case? If there is no title available, but the download link should be existing, then the link should have a name as e.g. “download”. In essence, there is no need to put the word “Untitled” anywhere.

    3) After changing the .js content — how to minimize it again to .min.js? Which tool do I have to use for this?

    4) What is the meaning of the options `show_info` and `show_extended_info`?

    5) I would like to be able to completely deactivate the bar at the bottom of the image, which dynamically changes in dependence of mouse movement. Therefore, I tried to use the following options:
    download_link: false,
    show_helper_text: false,
    show_linkback: false,
    show_info: false,
    show_extended_info: false,

    but the bar is still appearing. Could you add an option to deactivate it?

    6) I played around with the `speed` option and decreased it from 400 to 10, because I would like to have a faster “popping up” effect. But my feeling is that it did not change the effect speed; it is as “slow” as before.

    This is what came to my mind after playing around with the plugins for some minutes.. sorry if I missed something!

    All the best,

    Jan-Philip Gehrcke

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  8. Hello all,
    I tried to change some text translations in jquery.lightbox.js in this manner:
    text: {
    // For translating
    image: ‘תמונה’,
    of: ‘מ’,
    close: ‘סגור X’,
    closeInfo: ‘ניתן ללחוץ גם מחוץ לתמונה ע”מ לסגןר’,
    download: ‘הורדה’,
    help: {
    close: ‘לחצ/י על מנת לסגור’,
    interact: ‘עבור על התמונה לתגובה’
    about: {
    text: ‘מתוך גלריית התמונות של האתר הרשמי של בני יהודה ת”א’,
    title: ‘לחצו כאן לכניסה מהירה לגלרייה’,
    link: ‘http://bneiyehuda.com/temp/?page_id=279′

    BTW The translation is in hebrew. it didn’t change the text.
    How can I fix it?

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  10. Having a problem with the plugin under IE the line:


    in the script generates an “Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn’t support this property or method” error when using it.


  11. After pressing the actiate button at WP’s plugin panel i receive this error message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /homepages/4/d295663139/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/jquery-lightbox-balupton-edition/jquery-lightbox.php on line 13

    What is this?

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  13. I got a parse error when I upgraded from 0.14 to 0.15. I deleted the word “static” in front of the functions in the lightbox.php file as a temporary fix. Is there something special about static functions that I am missing?

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  15. Hi, thanks a lot for the plugin, it’s so great :)
    btw, I’m having a problem with download link.
    I’m using WordPress 2.9.2 and I’ve correctly installed the plugin.
    I can perfectly see all images, but I don’t find the download link on them.

    I’ve changed in jquery-lightbox.php all paths with new one without “.min.”, I’ve removed the upper-right information with:
    show_helper_text: null,
    show_linkback: null,
    in jquery.lightbox.js (just to try if paths correctly work).

    And I’ve download_link: true,
    but when I go on my WP blog, I load an image or a NEXTgen gallery, I cannot see any download link, why?
    I’ve the last version of jquery lightbox plugin…
    I link you my blog, so you can see what I mean,

    Thanks a lot!

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  17. Hello,

    I receive an error in IE8 when I click on a thumb.

    Line 67
    Char 177
    Error Member not found

    WordPress 3.0.1
    jQuery 1.4.2
    jQuery Lightbox 0.15

    In other browsers it works fine. Any help would be appreciated.


  18. I’ve rebuilt my entire website around NextGen Gallery and this plugin, and I’m LOVING the way it looks! I have only one question:

    Is there a way to modify the code so that image captions ALWAYS show and not just on mouseover? It would be nice if you navigate to a photo and the caption shows up immediately.

    It appears Andre asked the same question in January of 2009 but didn’t receive a response.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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  23. Hello. Thank you for this wonderful plugin. I have been looking for a reliable way to show images in a Lightbox, without having to show every single image from my site this way. And, this seems to work perfectly so far.

    Quick question for you… I would like to put a banner advertisement in with the pop-up / lightbox window. I have not yet tried it, but was wondering where you would recommend doing this? Should it go in the white area where the Title / Alt Text goes – or would you recommend doing this somewhere in the right-hand-corner where you have the credits link right now?

    Thank you.

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  25. Hai,

    Is it possible to get this lightbox when you make a textlink in WordPress? I need to link from a text and then show some pictures in a lightbox.

    Thank you

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  27. just wanna make some correction, just to save time.. while editing the jquery.lightbox.js i was a bit lost on the given line numbers..i am using adobe dreamweaver cs and the numbers on the steps 632 – 637 were actually 832 – 837.. i hope this will save trouble…

  28. hi pedro,

    i installed this plugin and it is good except that when i click my image there are two images showing up. i need to close the first image before seeing the 2nd one with the caption. i am using Google Chrome and Firefox and i downloaded the 0.16 version to my 3.0.4 wordpress. is there anything i done wrong? i followed the instruction on this site . by the way here is the url http://pubtrax.stii.dost.gov.ph/moltrap/?p=43


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  38. I am using AJAX for loading the lightbox images. Images loaded with the AJAX are opening directly and without any effect. Can anyone please provide me the solution,?

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  40. FIrstly thanks for this plugin, it’s just what I need. Normal prototype and scriptaculous lightbox plugins somehow conflict with some other JS on my site, and I don’t have time to track that down. I’m already using jquery so this one plays nicely.

    After some adjustment of the settings, everything is brilliant. Except for one small thing:

    The initial position of the lightbox window is quite low down on the screen (the bottom edge of the lightbox is touching the bottom edge of the browser window). Once I click next or previous the whole thing slides into the middle and works normally.

    This happens in Safari, Firefox and Chrome on OS X. It doesn’t happen in IE7 Win7.

    Any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks!

  41. Hi! I’m trying to mix the plugin “simple fields” for wordpress with your lightbox plugin.

    I’m able to get the image url from the custom type, but I can’t handle with the title. What I want to do is use some text written by the custom type as the lightbox image title.

    How can I do that?


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