WordPress Internet Explorer Site Pinning Plugin

Work in progress… check back soon! ;)

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    • It’s in use on this site right now! Just open with Internet Explorer 9 in Windows 7, then go to Tools -> File -> Add site to Start menu, and then check the Jump List on the Taskbar icon! :)

      I’m still working on it, so please bare with me!

  2. I don’t understand what this plugin is supposed to do. It is completely unnecessary for pinning sites to the taskbar or start menu with Internet Explorer 9. I’ve tested sites without the plugin and I can do this just fine.

    • True, so far it has little support for IE 9 Site Pinning, I’ve just started developing it… but have you noticed the Tasks in the Jump List section when you pin a site with and without this plugin?
      Try it and you’ll see the difference (small right now, I’ll give you that much!) ;)

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